Argentina For Kids

Argentina is a wonderful place for children.

You can always find delicious and varied food for children and adults, of course there are also most familiar food chains like pizza and Burger viscometers.

1. A short drive of about 20 minutes you can reach the neighborhood called “Boca” where children very enjoy The neighborhood is a colorful and happy homes Zvoaiim unusual colors and there are puppets hung along the street and there is a music playing in every nook and dancers appear in restaurants and artisans exhibit their Abodothm street. Wonderful smell of food would not relax, Boca amazing food and is highly recommended.

2. In Onus Aires there is a karting track (driving small cars) children, a great attraction for families because both parents can attend. The route is a few minutes 5-10 and very enjoyable.

3. Zoo de Lujan Beautiful zoo with a good selection of animals. Known attraction here is the animals that can be accessed by them, to touch and be photographed even with a large tiger and threatening. Entry costs around 100 pesos per person. Address: Acceso Oeste km58

4.Parque de la Costa, the town of Tigre, Buenos AiresAmusement park outside of town Tigre Buenos Aires (you can take the train from Buenos Aires) is a very large complex, which includes a variety of facilities such as roller coasters, a pirate ship, Ferris wheel and more. Ticket will cost between 80-100 pesos. The place is also open on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays The address is: Vivanco 1509 Tigre


If you know of other places concern for children and families will be happy to hear,

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