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Start technical details about Argentina:
Number of people: 40 million inhabitants (12 million of them residents of the capital city Buenos Aires)
Number of cities: 28
State Size: Argentina is the eighth largest country in terms of area (Approximately -2.77 million square kilometers
Languages Spoken: 17 languages are spoken in Argentina but of course their sons Central Spanish

Information on the equipment needed trip to Argentina and tips on our experience:

1. Auxiliary dictionary or phrasebook Spanish.

2. If you do not intend to trek Save yourself a lot of unnecessary equipment and convenient bag that can be used to travel with him a lot, preferably a bag with wheels (Especially if you like to buy souvenirs along the trip)

3. Buy mobile phone before the trip and any country you visit you can buy a local SIM card and make calls at relatively cheap.

4. Please take a Wi-Fi enabled device to be updated on the news, facebook, etc. ..

5. If how a devoted fan of photography, almost all simple pocket camera provides 8 megapixels will suffice for you. We have seen people traveling for long periods of six months and older who use their mobile device camera (iPhone, Galaxy, etc. ..) so we do not recommend the camera quality.

6. No need to stock up on lots of clothes and shoes. Wherever the fabrics can be washed relatively cheap and always buy new clothes that you see along the way and you can use them. Local clothes or just clothes you liked.

7. Do not spare underwear and socks, including hygiene measures such as shampoo, soap, deodorant, perfume, etc. ..

8. Please take pills and medications. Usually do not need to use them but always good to have you medications for headache, legs, back, etc. ..

9. During the trip when you see an object you love, it can be a garment, gift, jewelry, or any thing like that. Do not hesitate and buy it because not sure you’ll see him again. Each city is different predecessors and
many things change from city to city and mostly from state to state.

ander tips: 🙂
The thumb, in general, if you are traveling a long trip (of six months or more)
We recommend that you do not save in accommodation and pay a little more for rooms with good conditions.
Another tip is always before you pay ask to see the room and look,
Do not forget to ask the important questions for you! It is not clear what, for example:
Is there a live water in the shower? Can I bring food \ drinks \ alcohol into a hostel?
Can I bring friends who do not sleep in a hostel? Until what time can go at night?
And questions! Also check whether there is a place to keep valuables such as cell phone and money.

Some information on the Argentine capital Buenos Aires:

Buenos Aires is a very burdened city in the central part yet

Can be found in many places of quiet and relaxation.

In baunos Aires city center you will find clubs and parties full of people,

There are parties which also contain 5000 people.

Of course, the density is very high there, but some people would say it’s cool.

Most of you will not find people who speak English. The main language is Spanish.

During the day there is a lot to see and do Bbaunos Aires, there are often exhibitions of food, cars, clothes and more …information abut the Center of Buenos Aires: you can be found in  Buenos Aires many coffee shops internet, some shops are open 24 hours a day, and you can make them all the necessary computer operations.

In terms of communication can buy a local SIM card and call all over the world,

This is the recommended way to make calls to a nationality. On the other hand almost every hostel you can find Wi-Fi and use software like viber, Skype, Tango and more

..Some words and information about the city of Bariloche:

Distance Mbaunos Aires to Bariloche at about 22 hours by bus.

Central Station (Retiro) is located very close to the chin. When you leave Buenos Aires are advised to buy tickets to a selected destination a day or two before the trip and on the same day.Bariloche is a city attractions. There are several travel agencies that provide information on Argenta and Bariloche in particular.

We recommend that you make a trip to the famous Jeep “Jorge”, it’s a jeep tour of the day starts early morning at about 7:00 to 17:00 holiday travelers to places with fascinating landscapes and finally having a barbecue in the yard of Jorge .

Jorge is a pleasant and sympathetic person can get information from all the sites you visit and general information about Argentina and Bariloche.

There is also a trip called “Kilometer 17” it can be done independently.

This is the highest point in Bariloche which is just 17 kilometers from the city.

Take the bus to this point and climbing the mountain is easy to climb, climb length is approximately 40 minutes.

At the end of the mountain you will find an amazing view! Some say this is the most beautiful scenery in Argentina and South America in general. At the summit, you can find a restaurant and enjoy the food with these hippie views.

Like previous trip there is also a trip called “5 mile”

This point can be reached by bus, you can ask all the local information agency.

The point is just five miles Bariloche. You can do this trip on horseback. Highly recommended. Although not possible to eat at the restaurant at the end of the trip, but there is horseback riding in the hills, breathtaking views and end back to Bariloche.

5 mile is a mountain which rises 1400 meters. Upper station has a revolving restaurant that does a turn on itself in 20 minutes, you can see the entire city. See the city and the lake without getting up from his chair, an experience not to be missed.

Another nice trip is called “Kilometer 34”:

It sounds nice but note the following detail: the 34-mile’ll have to move with the bike.

The trip is of intermediate difficulty because bereavement few minutes of driving there are areas Ifiifim of landscapes and therefore make stops frequently. It comes full circle at the end of the trip that you return to the same spot. Bicycles can be hired. There are several places where you can rent bicycles. More on this trip you will find everything hostel \ hotel. It is highly recommended to leave this morning and bring food and drink and spend the all day until sunset. Check this area is by bus.Information about nightlife

in Bariloche – Argentina:

Bariloche There are a limited number of night clubs. The city is small and quiet Ihisit and live around -250 000 inhabitants and therefore you will not find clubs full of people and big parties like Bbaunos Aires.

Weekdays are almost no good reasons, but on weekends you can find places filled.

Bariloche is a city with a night life but you can find great places to pass a relaxing evening.Information on Cordoba – Argentina.

Cordoba also called Student City of Argentina. Cordoba has 8 large universities which makes it an interesting young city with many great nightlife!

For parties and clubs there are a large number of options in Cordoba, All Day city offers a large number of clubs are full of people to choose from.

Another thing that characterizes the Cordoba is a lot of travelers come to her to do skydiving.

Cordoba is known for its landscapes beautiful and very cheap prices free fall in Argentina and South America in general and therefore you will find a large number of skydiving companies that perform skydiving at good prices.

Information on Rosario – Argentina:

Cordoba’s neighbor called Rosario.

The truth is very reminiscent Cordoba Rosario. Rosario is also a relatively small town and are in two universities that bring with them a lot of students and nightlife.

Rosario is also customary to make skydiving so many travelers tend to choose one of these two cities and visit only one of them.Site “Argentina for you” is designed to give information about Argentina and answer travelers of all types who want to fly and travel in Argentina. Here you will find Argentina information and recommended Places hike (in Argentina).

Some information about bus travel:

Buses in Argentina are divided into four main stages.

1. The first is the most basic level of the buses, so-called “city bus”. This is a regular bus journeys in towns without the ability to bend the backrest.

2. Second level is called “Sammy kuma” meaning in Spanish is “half bed” and her name really Represents. Bus is bigger and more spacious when the prop has the ability to fall back about To 120 degrees which is quite comfortable and can sleep a relatively high level. You can also make long trips. Inside Services (Check it!) And drinking water.

3. Third degree in Spanish called “Kama” and spread it “bed”, this kind usually bus You will get a real treat. Chair down on to (almost) full bed, has a great space and plenty of room. Of course, such bus services have hot and cold drinks. And probably food.

4. Fourth grade is “full kama” meaning “full bed”, is a bus at a very High chair falls on to a full bed, fully equipped and luxurious bus. There are toilets, hot and cold drinks. Hot and cold food. And sometimes you will find a shower.

Finally: Of course prices vary from bus to one another, our recommendation is to ask and to check prices A number of companies. The decision which Aotovs do by yourself, take note. If a trip Short Ihist up to five hours on the bus chose a “standard”. If you people Who fall asleep anywhere and have no problem sleeping on the bus you choose a “Sami Kama.” If you People find it difficult to sleep and all that disturbs or is it a long trip of 30 hours or more Recommended to use a bus, “Kama”. If you just want to indulge in a bus select “full Kama.”

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